Pediatric Eye Exam

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Pediatric Eye Exam

Pediatric Eye Exam

Eye examinations for children are extremely important because it is estimated that 25% of school-aged children have vision problems. Early identification of a child’s vision problem is crucial because, if left untreated, some childhood vision problems can cause permanent vision loss. The pediatric eye and vision examination include an assessment of:

  1. Visual acuity, which is largely dependent upon the refractive status and eye health

  2. Visual efficiency skills, representing eye focusing, teaming and tracking skills

  3. Visual information processing, representing the ability to recognize and discriminate visual stimuli and to interpret them correctly based upon previous experience

The vision screenings done at the school only test for visual acuity and often fail to detect those conditions that would be expected to affect learning. We encourage parents and caregivers on early detection and treatment to provide the very best opportunity to correct the vision problems the child may have.

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